She looked for happiness in her latest crystal embellished designer dress, ....all she found was a tight fitting garment which made her feel self conscious.

She looked for happiness in a container of delicious chocolate ice cream, .....
all she found was an icy sugar rush and guilt.

She looked for happiness in her new luxurious black Mercedes Benz, .........,...all she found was a mechanical tool which was irrelevant to her ultimate journey or destination.

She looked for happiness in a trendy new make up store, ......all she found was beautifully colured masks to hide her authentic self.

She looked for happiness in the elegance of her high heeled pair of Jimmy Choos, .....all she found were blisters and aching feet.

She looked for happiness in the beautifully designed interior of her sea facing Villa, .......all she found was a hauntingly silent,  empty house which felt like a prison.

She searched for happiness all her life... She often wondered how people who were less 'fortunate' than her were so content and happy with their lives.

A materialistic mindset can never truly understand that happiness can be found...

In the arms of your mother

In the advice from your father

In the laughter of your child

In the eyes of your husband

In the beauty of nature

In Blessings from elderly

In the kindness from your neighbor

In the warmth of a hug from your sister

In the generosity and gratefulness of your heart

In the purity of your mind

In your ability to forgive others and yourself.

In the calmness of your soul...which comes from your love and remembrance of  GOD

True happiness is when you appreciate all the  people in your life and help everyone around you...


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